Windows tip of the week: Find out why your PC refuses to go to sleep

5 months ago

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July 11, 2018

Windows tip of the week

How to find out why your PC refuses to go to sleep

By Ed Bott

How do you treat
a Windows computer that's suffering from insomnia? If you've double-checked the power options and confirmed that they're set correctly, it's time to
pull out the obscure but useful Power Settings command-line tool, Powercfg.exe.

As a command-line tool, Powercfg doesn't offer any dialog
boxes or buttons. Instead, you open a Command Prompt or PowerShell window and type the command Powercfg, followed by a space, a forward slash
(or hyphen), and a supported command-line switch.

These three switches are especially useful in diagnosing sleep

Powercfg /systemsleepdiagnostics Running this command generates an HTML-based report
(System-sleep-diagnostics.html) with details about any recent sessions where the machine might not have slept when the user expected it to.

Powercfg /energy Use this command to generate a separate HTML-based report (Energy-report.html) that is especially useful
for identifying services that are preventing normal sleep.

Powercfg /lastwake If your system goes to sleep but then awakens
too soon, use this command, which can help pinpoint a device, app, or driver that caused the most recent wake event.

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