With a focus on college-educated millennials, Mic’s new executive editor wants to improve the site’s editorial standards: The latest from Nieman L

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Friday, November 13, 2015

With a focus on college-educated millennials, Mic’s new executive editor wants to improve the site’s editorial standards

“I care about the news, and I have a lot of news left in me, and it’s wonderful to grow a new news audience,” says Madhulika Sikka, who joined Mic in September. By Joseph Lichterman.

From Nieman Reports: How to tell powerful narratives on Instagram

“Over time I realized that beneath the selfie surface, Instagram provided a powerful, unexpected, and mostly underutilized storytelling tool.” By Neil Shea.
What Frontline’s team learned producing its new VR documentary What We’re ReadingAdvertising Age / George SlefoGoogle debuts programmatic ad sales for native, mobile video →The ads can be sold through either DoubleClick’s open auctions or the private marketplaces run by publishers, and can appear in websites or in apps.The Verge / Casey NewtonPocket moves into Twitter territory with a public feed of your recommended reading →“For most of its life, the service has avoided recommending content on the idea that Pocket’s appeal comes from the fact that everything in it is something you’ve chosen yourself. But that began to change as the company’s user base grew to 17 million, and Pocket began thinking it could take advantage of all their volunteer curation to highlight the web’s most interesting articles and videos.”International Business Times / Kerry FlynnTwitter makes a deal with CBS to integrate its services into Saturday’s presidential debate →“On Saturday night, about 20 Twitter employees will be on the ground in Iowa, in a war room with CBS workers. The staff will track the conversation on Twitter by monitoring the service’s analytic systems. The producers of CBS on-air and CBSN, its 24/7 streaming news network, will receive the information in real-time and be able to present visualizations of the data on all channels.”NewsWhipSome preliminary data shows Instant Articles do indeed get higher engagement →“In terms of engagement, the Instant Articles [from the New York Times] outperformed the regular links by a significant factor. They were shared over 3.5 times more, liked over twice as much, and commented on almost five and a half time more than the regular links.” That appears to confirm what Facebook told us.New York TimesCollege students can now get digital access (web + smartphone) to the New York Times for $1 a week →That’s down from the previous student rate of $7.50 every 4 weeks. Students will have to provide their graduation year.Journalism.co.uk / Mădălina CiobanuHow the Guardian is building a homepage for the social media age →“We use real-time analytics tools to inform our editorial decisions and our homepage choices, not necessarily lead them.”Co.Design / John BrownleeNew Republic launches a redesigned website →New type, a hamburger menu, more GIFs, faster load times, especially for mobile — in service of a younger, more tech-savvy readership.BuzzFeed / Alex Kantrowitz and Adrien SénécatFacebook Messenger tests disappearing messages in France →Users there have the option to have their messages self destruct one hour after sending them, Snapchat-like.WWD / Alexandra SteigradHearst is launching its own Snapchat channel →Called “Sweet,” the channel will launch on Snapchat and make use of other social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.Om Malik / Om MalikA quick Notify app review by Om Malik →“Somewhere deep in the bowels of Googleplex, someone is wondering, Why the hell did we shut down Google Reader?”Digiday / Lucia MosesPublishers are reportedly underwhelmed with Apple News app (but don’t want to go on the record) →““The comScore tagging isn’t ready, we got delayed data on usage, and it’s still very limited, and selling ads isn’t easy…I don’t think this app will compete with Flipboard and wouldn’t be surprised if Apple stops updating/supporting it by end of next year.”Politico / Peter SterneBuzzFeed launches one-to-one iPhone app for quizzes →The app lets users take quizzes with each other over Facebook Messenger.Recode / Kurt WagnerThe Wall Street Journal is coming to Snapchat Discover →“Snapchat provides a platform where it can reach a (predominantly) new group of readers. But Snapchat could benefit, too. The app has amassed more than 100 million daily active users, but will need to appeal to an older demographic in order for that number to keep climbing. Adding publications like the Wall Street Journal might help with that.” From Fuego Beware of ads that use inaudible sound to link your phone, TV, tablet, and PC —ar​stechnica.c​om
Donald Trump begs Iowans not to believe Ben Carson: ‘Don’t be fools, okay?’ —ww​w.washingtonpost.c​om
Spike Lee Reveals Why He Took His Movie to Amazon: “Everyone Else Said No” —ww​w.hollywoodreporter.c​om
The Unexpected, Exhilarating Freedom of Being Single at 41 —ny​mag.c​om
Snapchat rolls out ‘official stories’ to verify celebrity accounts —ww​w.theverge.c​om
Fuego is our heat-seeking Twitter bot, tracking the stories the future-of-journalism crowd is talking about most. Usually those are about journalism and technology, although sometimes they get distracted by politics, sports, or GIFs. (No humans were involved in this listing, and linking is not endorsing.) Check out Fuego on the web to get up-to-the-minute news.

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