Creating an Upward Spiral: Finding our footing together


Dear Do,

It's been awhile since I wrote you. I've been a deep dive into what really matters for me, and figuring out what that means in my life.

There's a lot to say and I'll be sharing abundantly in the days, weeks and months to come.

There has never been a time when it has been more important for each person to be heard. And in your quest to be heard right now, there has never been a more important time to go inside and listen to your heart, know what it is you truly feel, from that beautiful heart of yours, and speak it as clearly as you can.

Before your speak

Route the essence of what you want to say through your heart

and then speak your truth

as clearly as you can.

One of the interesting things about this election is that it has been a time of taking off the gloves, so to speak - the rules changed in this election. There was no longer a verneer of "nice" over a fist of bullying...there was simple, honest bullying.

The gift in that, when you can get past the outrage and all associated emotions, is the opportunity to look it clearly in the face, and say -

Yes, I have to admit, I have been complicit in a system in which bullying is often the underlying force. Where bullying is seen as a neccesaary evil. Whether or not you are an American, as I am, most of the world has been complicit in agreements that say, "If you pay me enough, I will allow you to be a bully." or, "If I am paid enough, I will look the other way."

I am not saying this is who we are, and I do not believe htis is who we are. I know we are much more than this. And, if I get really honest with myself, I find many small - and some large - ways in which I have allowed this in my life. Either to be bullied or to bully, either to operate as a rescuer or a victim needing rescue...

It's the amazing, beautiful exceptions to this way of being that let us know what is possible.

The places where you feel safe enough, have gone deep enough, to allow yourself to be different. To allow yourself to be truly honest, vulnerable, connecting on the level of equals with another person. Opening your heart in curiosity, not knowing the outcome in advance. Surrendering control in favor of risking to learn, grow and experience.

This is the territory I have been exploring for myself, in myself, and I have a lot of really beautiful things I am looking forward to sharing. And, one of the cool things I have found and now trust completely, is that when I do open up and risk, when I let go of control, "magic" happens.

Actually, I now know that magic is happening all the time - I simply create space for it to come in.

So, in the name of magic, I'd like to invite you to listen in on the first telesummit I have particiated in, in quite a long time. It's a really beautiful collection of five people sharing their understandings of how a person gets off the hamster wheel and actually begins the deliberate movement toward being fully alive, fully engaged, deep in the joy of a life fully lived.

I was delighted to be asked to be the wrap-up batter, as it were - the Day five speaker...that feels like magic to me because it helped me to pull together and summarize what I see to be true in this living-of-life process.

I hope you can make the time to listen. All the details are below, you simply go to this URL:

Register and begin to listen in.


How to Find Clarity and Certainty, and Remember the Powerful Truth of Who You Are.

*DAY 1: How to eliminate stress chemistry in your body to regain your calm focus.

*DAY 2: How to light a fire into whatever you desire to fuel it with spiritual passion.

*DAY 3: How to love yourself and trust you are both worthy and uniquely wonderful.

*DAY 4: How to know for sure that there is a Universal presence supporting you.

*DAY 5: How to create your own powerful Upward Spiral momentum … over and over again!

Register as soon as you can and enjoy this pre-recorded event at your convenience – while it’s available. It should be up for the next week.

It’s all FREE - the gift bags, interviews, and mini-workshops. You can learn more about it at the website – and that’s also where you register:

The Special Bonuses are available thru NOV 11th … and Renee is adding one more JUICY SURPRISE this week!

I'm sending love and light, my friend - we can do this, we are doing this and we are the perfect ones to be doing this. Together. With love and joy.








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