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Writing Blurbs | Content Marketing | Amazon B2B

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October 13, 2016

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What Google’s Mobile Focus Means for You

Mobile has evolved beyond a mere add-on strategy. Are you giving it the attention it deserves? With deep analysis based on $300 million in ecommerce ad spend, ROI Revolution and Google laser in on the need-to-know trends and tools to succeed in a mobile-first world.


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How to Write Your Company's Blurb

Sometimes you need a short promotional description of your business for social media profiles, directories, or even the bottom of your press releases and product announcements. What you say about your company in just a few sentences can impact how potential customers respond...


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5 Content Marketing Ideas for November 2016

Looking for content marketing ideas for November 2016? Try Thanksgiving Day, holiday shopping survival, famous folks with birthdays, how-to articles, and helping out a community. Content marketing is the act of creating, publishing, and distributing content...

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How to Integrate Accounting with Ecommerce

The process of integrating customer orders from an ecommerce platform to accounting system is not easy. Tracking and syncing addresses, quantities, SKUs, shipping info, invoices, and system updates is complicated and error prone.  Download “8 Dos and Don'ts of Accounting Integration” to learn more.


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Amazon's B2B Site Evolving, Growing Rapidly

When AmazonSupply became Amazon Business in April 2015, much more than a rebranding occurred. With AmazonSupply, the company was the only seller. But Amazon Business copied the very successful marketplace approach of the regular

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