Yay! There is nothing you can’t accomp lish now that Saturn is finally direct

5 months ago

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Hi friend,
Hardworking Saturn has been at home in the sign it rules, ambitious Capricorn, for quite some time. Now that it’s out of its retrograde period, it’s time to focus on finally making some forward progress. You’re willing to put in the effort it takes to reach your goals – and you expect the same from others.
Taking the easy road isn’t part of your current journey, but it’s also important to know when to give up on a lost cause. Your determination is admirable, but don’t waste valuable time and effort on something that you can never fix. Knowing when to cut your losses is one of the harder lessons of this transit.
And when it comes to other life lessons, knowing who you were in your past lives can shed important light on your karmic journey. Where has your soul traveled, and how can that information benefit you along your current path? Let your personalized copy of the karma report help fill in the blanks.

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