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The American government approves countries
to take part in the Diversity Visa Program and
Netherlands is on the list.
The goal of the Diversity Visa (Green Card) program is to further diversify
the U.S. population by annually offering 55,000 immigrants from around
the world an opportunity to experience the “American Dream.”
Do not miss this opportunity!
Green Card Lottery Experts is an international company which assist clients
from around the globe to prepare and submit their Green Card DV Lottery
Program applications successfully.
Only $10 - Single ApplicationOnly $20 - Family Application
GCLE (Green Card Lottery Experts) specializes in Green Card application review and submission to the U.S.
Department of State's official Diversity Visa Program. Our immigration experts will make sure that
your application meets all of the necessary requirements and that you are prepared on time. We assist you
in every step of the application and winning process so that you have every chance of winning an American
Green Card. If you win, by law, your immediate family get Green Cards as well according to terms and
conditions. To learn more about our services and benefits, visit us online at:
After completing your online transaction, you will receive a confirmation email with a personal link to your online Green Card registration form. Please follow the link and fill in your details. After doing so, you will receive a phone call from one of our professionals who will help you with the application and answer all of your personal questions. Our experts will also review your application to make sure it is completed properly and does not have any mistakes that may fail your application during the selection process. To get started and to ensure your timely registration to the USA Green Card Lottery annual program, which selects 100,000 winners from all over the world every year, you have to register online.
All payment methods use the highest level of internet security, protecting your online transaction.
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