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Sep 21, 2018

The Lumzag is One Smart Carbon Fibre Bag

I can remember small details of conversations from years ago, but when it comes to remembering where my keys, wallet, phone, and other little items are…... Read More

How to convert your design internship into a job

Congratulations on the first step of transforming your design education into a career – you bagged an internship! Now that you have your foot in the... Read More

The Last Mile for Delivered Meals

Don’t be deceived by its name, Cooky isn’t the sweet treat it sounds like… but it might be able to help you make one if that’s... Read More

Keep your Apples alive!

There are times when I will be laying in bed or on the sofa, then look around and realize how I am COVERED in Apple products... Read More

A More Inclusive Shower

Due to the nature of showers, they are not the most inclusive of products. As we stand in showers, the shower head must be a considerable... Read More

YD Spotlight: Nicholas Baker’s Chair Sketch Challenge Pt.2

Every week (although the timing isn’t particularly fixed), I see a chair sketch on my Instagram feed, and after having seen and liked dozens of them,... Read More

YD Handpicks: Winning Architectural Designs from A’ Design 2018

In keeping with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s description of architecture as frozen music, this post is quite literally a playlist of the best architectural designs from... Read More

The Echo Sub brings serious bass to your current Amazon home speaker

The Echo and Echo Dot have never been truly hi-fi audio devices. Their primary (in fact their only) aim has been to facilitate voice-based interaction and... Read More
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