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Sep 24, 2018

The Vuz Moto Tent shelters the rider and the ride

Imagine heading out for a weekend in the wilderness. You’ve packed your bag, strapped your helmet on and mounted on your ride. GoPro docked on the... Read More

The Vacuum-based Sketch Marker that Promises to Never Dry Up!

I remember an anecdote back in school where NASA was bamboozled by a problem where their astronauts couldn’t use conventional ballpoint pens in space because of... Read More

Take-Back-Your-Life Tech!

The latest in a trend of devices aimed at preventing distraction, the MINIMUM smart wearable marries digital and analog to help users do more living in... Read More

Top 5 Industrial Design Jobs for this week

As a part of our careers-related columns, these are our top five picks of the best industrial design opportunities on Yanko Design’s recruitment platform YD Job Board. This week’s selection... Read More

A Bed That Gives You A Cuddle

For many, our beds are our happy places. They are where we start and finish most of our days and where we rewind from the daily... Read More

A Mixed Reality Headset for Youngsters!

The market for Mixed Reality is vastly expanding, with technology advancing at a breath-taking pace, and with new, and interesting implementations being thought of each day... Read More

Part puzzle, part desk-decor

A little like the tangram meets the jigsaw meets the third dimension, the Logifaces puzzle by Logideez is a nice visual and mind exercise. The puzzle... Read More

Peugeot’s E-Legend concept is peak Retrofuturism

Looking at the E-Legend right beside its visual ancestor, the 504, you’d say that there’s no doubt that both of them belong to the same family.... Read More
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