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Sep 25, 2018

Meet Doolight, the Modular, Smart Chandelier of 2018

I’ve always maintained that the best way for a designer to validate a personal project is to crowdfund it. Crowdfunding is literally an exercise that helps... Read More

Safer Casualty Extraction!

In the unfortunate event of an accident while out in the field, it’s of paramount importance that the individual receives medical treatment urgently! However, the harsh... Read More

Up Your Bathroom Game in a Jiffy

Imagined for the OXO brand, the Chrome Bath Suite aims to elevate the average person’s washroom with an easy-to-use, seamlessly-integrated collection of bath items. Consisting of... Read More

The Vacuum-based Sketch Marker that Promises to Never Dry Up!

I remember an anecdote back in school where NASA was bamboozled by a problem where their astronauts couldn’t use conventional ballpoint pens in space because of... Read More

Tractors in 2040 sure look intense

I never thought I’d say this, but I actually prefer this tractor concept over my own car… errr… almost any car, for that matter. It’s called... Read More

The E-Legend’s interiors are the most inspired ones I’ve seen in a while

Peugeot’s E-Legend excites me for so many reasons. Not only does it have an exterior that’s just dying to be ogled at, for the way it... Read More
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