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Sep 26, 2018

NIU, the Company that Built the World’s Most Powerful E-scooter

NIU’s literally been making waves. With its scooters having clocked in over a billion kilometers worldwide, NIU is officially the largest e-scooter company in the world.... Read More

Pop-up Privacy

Open floor plan offices have been all the rage for a while now but for anyone who’s even slightly introverted (or easily distracted), they can be... Read More

Undisturbed Focus for Ultimate Productivity

Occasionally while working we can get into a rhythm and begin to power through the task at hand, at which point, we do not wish to... Read More

Reasons why you land job interviews but no job offers

Jobs, jobs, jobs. You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them! While the job search can be grueling, the utmost frustration happens when you go... Read More

Design Without End

If you’re wondering where this bicycle starts and stops, you’re not alone! It’s been intentionally designed as one perpetual piece, earning it the namesake “Continuous Loop... Read More

Meet Doolight, the Modular, Smart Chandelier of 2018

I’ve always maintained that the best way for a designer to validate a personal project is to crowdfund it. Crowdfunding is literally an exercise that helps... Read More

Behold the knife that comes with a stone-coated blade!

Designed with looks and a performance that quite literally set it a class apart from other knives, the Kyowa Super Stone Barrier Knife comes with a... Read More

Huawei knows how to make phones that look unique

Ironically often pronounced ‘Who Are We’, Chinese smartphone brand Huawei is, in fact, the second biggest smartphone company in the world, second only to Samsung (followed... Read More

Stackable Storage for your data!

Modular, colorful, and with a UI that’s seriously to die for, the UP Memory Tower by Anton Repponen is like the Towers Of Hanoi game meets... Read More
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