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Oct 04, 2018

Zungle’s Viper 2.0 is redemption for bone-conduction headphones

I’ve always been a proponent of new technology, but if you’ve read my previous pieces on bone-conduction headphones, you’ll know that I’m a skeptic. The technology... Read More

Not Your Mama’s Recipe Book

My mom gave me a handful of those ancient recipe books that have been handed down in my family for decades. It was a nice gesture... Read More

Skills you will need for the future of Industrial Design

We live in exciting times! We have explored our current environment to its fullest and the next phase will have us reaching for the technology we... Read More

3D Prints That You Can Eat?!

As the technology within the 3D printing world advances, so does its popularity and commercial ability. But now the Dutch designer, Elzelinde van Doleweerd has taken... Read More

The Mylo Driver Bag Features the World’s First Mushroom-based Leather!

Designed to stay sustainable, natural, and to not cut corners on the experience of owning leather, the Driver Bag features a one-of-a-kind leather alternative… a leather... Read More

The Renault EZ-ultimo isn’t a car, it’s a glorious self-driving palace

Seldom do you come across a design that practically challenges everything you know about the category it belongs to. The Renault EZ-ultimo concept is that design.... Read More

The SHO is two chairs made of two parts

Practically a hallmark of simplicity and effectiveness, the Sho is made of literally two parts. A frame and a mattress. However, it can exist in three... Read More

Gillette’s latest razor was built for allowing caretakers to shave the elderly

Gillette is synonymous with two things. A. Shaving, and B. Slick Masculinity. It’s difficult to find brands that have the kind of reach Gillette does, in... Read More
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