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Oct 05, 2018

A Backpack to Get You Noticed!

A backpack can say a lot about a person as their style can range from being a modern and on-trend fashion accessory, through to a functional... Read More

The Cooking M3 lets you cook individual parts of a full meal together

Built with multi-unit cooking control, the Cooking M3 lets you prepare entire meals at once. Its innovative 3-compartment structure allows you to cook separate dishes (two... Read More

Furniture With Flow

Taking inspiration from the slatted structure of the same name, the Louver Series is distinguished by the vented panels found on each piece that give it... Read More

Food Prep is More Fun With Origami

A 2018 Red Dot Concept Award winner, the GAMI cutting board might just be the most versatile of its kind. Inspired by origami (get it, GAMI?!),... Read More

The MATE is a purely mechanical exoskeleton that augments human strength

The honest reality is that the exoskeletons that are designed for mainstream use have a completely different purpose from those popularized by pop-culture. There’s a long... Read More

The Dragonfly proves that tactile switches aren’t going anywhere

While companies are investing in voice-assisted homes where you can simply control lights by talking to them, New Deal Design’s Dragonfly switches show that tactile controls... Read More

Microsoft built the headphones that Apple should have made years ago

It’s frankly surprising that Samsung owns Harman, and Apple owns Beats, but neither of the superbrands has ever built a proper pair of headphones. Yes, Samsung... Read More
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