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Oct 09, 2018

Japanese Revivalism in a Rocker

One look at the Logan bench and you’ll see that its Japanese through and through. The rocker takes inspiration from a variety of areas including the... Read More

The Voyage Sleep Mask Makes Snoozing On Long Trips Easier

Designer Matt Benedetto loves to travel. As a result, he knows pretty much every con there is to traveling. Whether it’s not having the correct travel... Read More

Drones on Your Wrist

From the inspired minds of the interns at Germany-based design studio PEARL CREATIVE, the Karlsson is the latest in wearable tech that aims to go beyond... Read More

The Ultimate Travel Companion?!

Traveling to different countries and experiencing new cultures can be an awe-inspiring adventure; such an experience can broaden your mind and open your eyes. But there... Read More

Shining a Light on Developing Countries

Created for those living in developing countries with limited access to power, the Bottle Pedestal Solar Lamp serves as a low-cost lighting solution with little environmental... Read More

Here’s How Ten Thousand Islands Built Probably the Best Multi-purpose Shoe

The ‘best multi-purpose travel shoe’ is, if nothing, a very bold claim. In an industry that pumps billions into material research as well as human research,... Read More

Switching the Domino Lamp on is quite elaborate, but equally fun!

In a world where you can quite literally tell Alexa to switch your lights on, Glithero’s Domino Lamp sure seems impractical, but that’s by design. The... Read More

These vases are arguably more attractive than the flowers they’re meant for

With its simplified shape that acts as a neutral base to the signature flair that is the vase handle, the Symbol bud vases by Nicolette Johnson... Read More
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