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Oct 10, 2018

We Found a Travel Pillow that Ticks All the Boxes!

Here are a couple of features I look for in a travel pillow. They need to be A. comfortable, B. compact, C. effortless to set-up, and... Read More

Things to do before accepting a job offer

It is an amazing feeling to get accepted at that coveted company after all the hard work and turmoil of interviews and design exercises. In that... Read More

Understanding Why this Watch’s $500,000 Price Tag is Justified

Normally, I don’t delve into covering products that I’d have to rob a bank to afford unless it’s a luxury car, but the Bovet Récital 22... Read More

Lighting With No Limits

This unique tabletop luminaire challenges our preconceptions about how a lighting solution should look and behave. Called “Tessallate” for the mosaic-like plates from which it’s composed,... Read More

The OPPY is an Ultra Hi-Def Action Cam from a Parallel Universe

In a universe or a dimension where the GoPro didn’t exist, I believe the Oppy would be the camera that’s ubiquitous with recording events, stunts, and... Read More

Google’s Pixel 3 is all about Google flexing its algorithm power

This year’s Made By Google keynote began with the familiar sound of Help by The Beatles playing as the visuals on the stage screen cycled through... Read More

The Bruno works as a toaster, a barbecue grill, and also a table oven!

Arguably an iPhone moment for toasters, the Bruno isn’t three separate appliances, but rather a 3-in-1. Looking nothing like a toaster, or an oven, and probably... Read More
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