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Oct 12, 2018


Did I make you yawn?! Sometimes just seeing the word is all it takes to trick us into making the universal expression for “I’m sleepy.” Inspired... Read More

Sound, Visualized

The microphone takes inspiration from a phenomenon known as cymatics in which sound vibrations creates waves in a substance. The visual waves, seen in fine grains... Read More

The world’s next breakthrough product may just come from Microsoft

Keeping secrets in the tech biz is growing increasingly difficult. With new products being leaked (even sold!) days or months before releases, oftentimes an avid consumer... Read More

A Welcomed Redesign for An Old-school Device

In schools and colleges, there is one vital item of equipment that is yet to see an update, as its form has remained unchanged for years.... Read More

The Novem Watch Shows Us You Can be Traditional yet Refreshingly Unique

We’ve covered our fair share of watches at YD, and as a design website, a lot of it doesn’t boil down to feature lists, but to... Read More

Holden’s Time Attack Concept can hit 100km/h in a second

On paper, Holden’s Time Attack concept, built for the 50th anniversary of their first ever Bathurst 1000 victory, has the fastest acceleration in the world. With... Read More

Designed to look like jewelry, the Facett Hearing Aid makes wearables precious

My disdain for medical products that look ‘clinical’ isn’t really a secret. I’ve been openly critical of medical products that put function above aesthetics, because healing... Read More

With 4 cameras, the Galaxy A9 wants to be the best mid-range smartphone

With Pixel’s launch just two days back, it’s pretty evident that the war for phone cameras is clearly between two brands. Apple and Google. As much... Read More

The Winemaker’s Unimog

Designer Bendegúz Asztalos’ vision for an all-new Mercedes Unimog vehicle is specially adapted for something close to home. Inspired by his family’s small vineyard in in... Read More
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