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Today, many of the most powerful, well-connected, and smartest investors in the world are loading up on gold in unprecedented ways.

Historically, during times of financial crisis or political uncertainty, gold has proven its value as a "safe haven" asset. That's why today - perhaps more than ever - it's critical that your portfolio has some exposure to gold.

That's why I put together this new report, "2022: The Early Stages of a Gold Mania". You can click here to read it immediately.

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Because today, the conditions are in place for a historic move that may be the greatest precious metals bull market in the past 100 years. The evidence is everywhere...

  • Market volatility is rising, with stocks off to the worst start since 2009.
  • Inflation at its highest level in 40 years.
  • Economic and political pressures are reaching a boiling point.

Not to mention, nearly every country is devaluing their currencies, one by one, with money printing... engaging in what looks like a disastrous race to the bottom.

That doesn't bode well for the value of the dollar. But it will be great for gold. That's why it's more important than ever to place a portion of your investment portfolio in gold... and soon.

As the rally in gold gains steam, most folks will likely run out and buy bullion or mining stocks.

But I have an unfortunate truth to tell you...

When it comes to investing in gold, most folks will likely miss out on the biggest gains.

That's because there's a much, much better way to profit from the emerging gold boom. Unfortunately, most people know nothing about it.

As I'll show you, if you follow this simple approach, which has nothing to do with bullion, ETFs, or mining stocks, the gains can be absolutely incredible.

During one period, for example, this virtually unknown gold strategy returned 38% per year!

And not just for a year or two...

This incredible investment returned an average of 38% a year - for 18 straight years...

Turning every $1,000 invested into more than $300,000...

And every $5,000 into a nest-egg of $1.6 million.

Even during the Great Recession, when the stock market lost 37% in 2008, this approach preserved investors' wealth - and even gained more than 50% - despite the fact that gold bullion barely moved.

In short, the investment I'm about to show you may be one of the world's most profitable and low-risk investments - yet it's still virtually unknown.

And anyone can use it. It's as simple as buying a stock in your ordinary brokerage account.

If you plan to buy gold today, you owe it to yourself to find out more about this little-known opportunity. Learn more by clicking here..

Good investing,
Bill Shaw
Publisher, Commodity Supercycles

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