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Upcoming Webinar Lineup
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True Stories from the Trenches: What Really Happens During an OSHA Inspection
Thursday, August 15th
During this lively webinar presentation, you’ll hear about some of the biggest mistakes made by employers, managers, supervisors and other company representatives during an OSHA inspection.
For instance, you do have the right to set the ground rules for any inspection, but it’s probably not in your best interest to demand a search warrant before allowing an inspection.
If safety leaders have an understanding of what their company’s rights are during an OSHA inspection, they’ll be more effective in defending OSHA citations and protecting workers.
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Take Your Corporate Safety Culture to the Next Level with Data Analytics
Tuesday, August 20th
According to a recent survey conducted by EHS Today, EHS Embraces the Technology Revolution, 84% of respondents said their companies have initiated safety culture programs.
But what do we mean by safety culture, how do we develop a great one, and how do we measure it?
Join subject matter experts from Cority as they discuss these topics and much more.
During this webinar, participants will learn about the impact of employee engagement on safety culture, how to measure your safety culture, how leveraging data analytics can drive and strengthen safety culture and more! 
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    Safety Incentives, Motivation, and Discipline: Balancing Legal and Practical Considerations to Boost Engagement and Drive Safety Culture
Thursday, August 22nd
Employee engagement in safety is a frequent pain point among employers, and many employers turn to safety incentive programs in an effort to gain buy-in and motivate employees to prioritize safety on the job.
When done well, such programs can make a positive contribution to an organization's safety culture.
However, poorly designed incentive programs are not only ineffective and harmful to safety culture—in some cases, they can even provoke scrutiny and citations from OSHA.
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Overcoming Challenges of Keeping up With Electrical Safety Compliance
Tuesday, August 27th
Nearly seven out of 10 companies have reported electrical incident near misses in the past five years, according to a new study conducted by EHS Today and Panduit.
Workplace safety is of utmost importance and any level of uncertainty can pose serious risks.
Administration of best safety practices can come from a variety of managerial roles, but adherence across all departments and facilities is mandatory to a successful program.
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    Insights from a 5-Year Journey in Global EHS Transformation: Employee Engagement, Safety Leadership, and Synergy across Data and Processes
Thursday, August 29th
One of the cornerstones of successful and high-impact EHS programs is getting employees engaged as key stakeholders of health, safety, environmental stewardship and compliance.
Join us for this webinar to learn how you can achieve transformational EHS outcomes with successful employee engagement & recognition, and safety leadership to drive your EHS initiatives.
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