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Dear Fellow Work at Home Mom,
Summer's almost over and we are already into the 2nd half of the year!.
What are you committed to do in this last half of the year
to add more to the family income and honor what means the most to you?

Click Here for three powerful resources to get you Out of overwhelm, Into action And designing an income around a life you LOVE!
Do you ever feel like you have two parts to you, that never seem to "get together"?
There is the side of you that plans and dreams.....
and the side that takes action.
Have you had that gnawing feeling that you might be doing the wrong thing? 
Or that you could be moving forward MUCH faster, if you just knew what the next step was
What if you knew how to map out those dreams in a way that you knew what you needed to do EVERY day?
Would that make things easier for you?
I know it would! That's why I've put these
three great trainings together for you, for the first time;
You'll get;

Overcoming Procrastination - Step by Step

Powerful tools to help you understand WHY You procrastinate Exactly what to do to get yourself into ACTION! Tools that include; Webinar Planning Calendar Checklist Resource Guide

The Female Entrepreneur's Guide To Effortless Productivity

Exciting ways add more time to your day  Why time management tips or tricks can't give you the time you crave The one page you can use Every Day to keep yourself Motivated, Aligned and Super Productive!
What if you are working full time, but dream of transitioning into your own business?
Then you need.....

The Weekend-Fix. This e-course will help you;

Get Clear on what your dream lifestyle business look like Know exactly what to do so you don't waste a minute of your precious time  Know what to outsource so that you can work a lot smarter and leverage your time  

You can get all three delivered directly to your inbox, here.
Because, if you don't know what you need to do,
to move your business forward faster than ever, it's not your fault.
Self proclaimed guru's and teachers will give you tips and tactics but they will
never reveal the missing part of the equation, how to think like someone who gets it all done.
You've probably heard that your mindset will change everything.
You may have even read books like "Think and Grow Rich" or "The Science of Getting Rich".
I've read countless books and taken numerous seminars on the topic of
wealth and abundance, and I applied them to my life with a special twist.
One that I call..... Time Abundance.
Because, if you have time, you have everything!
It's no good to make great money if you are working every minute of your day.
The enjoyment of life is how you spend your time!
I'll share my secrets, my thinking and the steps I take to get the
most out of every minute and be able to enjoy the things that are really important.
So.... if you ever feel like you have been wasting time, or are focusing on the wrong things.
Or maybe, you just don't know where to begin or how to get back on track
with how you spend your time, this series is for YOU.
Don't let procrastination steal your dreams!
Start Getting Things Done:
Take Back Control of Your Time and Accomplish More Than You Ever Thought Possible!
So, if you're ready to get stop procrastinating and get more done, click here 
to have these Time Abundance resources delivered to you inbox.
We'll start with 
The Female Entrepreneur's Guide To Effortless Productivity
and move through, The Weekend-Fix.
Plust keep an eye out for 
"Overcoming Procrastination - Step by Step"
to get you into action!


Your Success is Important,
*Julia Williams-Rot'gers
Creator of "The Weekend Fix"
start building your dream business during your free time!


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