Could active folate help boost IVF chances? / Myprotein strikes rugby deal to 'feed the sharks' / Maize nutrition / Boswellia adulteration / Mood benefits of omega-3s, prebiotics, probiotics / +more!

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Adulteration: Dont Be Fooled, Know the Facts
Increased knowledge and awareness of natural products has in turn increased their global demand. This well documented paper highlights various examples, and explores several unethical and cheap measures plaguing our industry and how to overcome them...

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Could active folate help boost IVF chances? Fertility study backs 5-MTHF over folic acid
Couples undergoing fertility treatments may benefit from genetic screening and supplementation with 5-MTHF glucosamine salt (active folate), instead of the high doses of folic acid traditionally used, say researchers...

Myprotein strikes rugby nutrition deal to 'feed the sharks'
European sports nutrition brand Myprotein is now the official sports nutrition provider to UK Premiership rugby side Sale Sharks in a deal that supplies the squad with Informed-Sport approved products...

'Not particularly good news': Processing strips maize of healthy nutrients
The process of making corn flakes strips maize of its healthy phenolic compounds and tocopherols, meaning fortification with additives is the best solution to make corn products healthier, scientists have found...

Boswellia oleogum resin prone to adulteration, new bulletin outlines
The botanical Boswellia has been used for its anti-inflammatory properties for millennia, but its not uncommon to find some products today labeled as Boswellia to skimp on the amount of the botanical or to substitute in a less-researched form...

Review finds promising, if preliminary, data backing mood support effects for probiotics, prebiotics and omega-3s
A recent review of studies on interventions with probiotics, prebiotics and omega-3s shows that there is promising data backing these ingredients effects on ameliorating anxiety, stress and depression. But much more research is needed to identify pathways, biomarkers and modes of action...

Supplements in pregnancy: 'Lack of data' to back multivitamin use, but mums-to-be like 'insurance effect'
Certain doses or combinations of vitamins and minerals may not benefit pregnant women, even though mums-to-be appreciate their 'insurance effect', according to two studies from Australia...

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Microbiome start-up Nextbiotix nets 7m to address gut-related disorders
French-based biotech start-up Nextbiotix has successfully raised 7m in a Series A financing round, to develop microbiome-based approaches that address inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)...



'Sports drinks' versus 'energy drinks': The two must be differentiated, argues ESSNA
It is vital that sports drinks designed to enhance the performance of athletes are clearly differentiated from highly caffeinated energy drinks that are not, says the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA)...

The Vitamin Shoppe refreshes online shopping experience pushing personalization
The Vitamin Shoppe, which has struggled with declining sales from its brick and mortar business, continues to place more focus on its digital business, working with e-commerce solutions provider GroupBy to optimize and personalize its online shopping experience... Read

Taiyo builds up UTI science suite behind SunCran combination ingredient
In an era when regulators are increasingly calling for product specific science, Taiyo International has stepped up to the plate to verify the bacterial adhesion prevention properties of its SunCran cranberry-prebiotic ingredient... Read

New Chapter founders leave brand, saying Procter & Gamble's profit pressure threatens to undermine mission
The founders of New Chapter have severed their relationship with Procter & Gamble because they said financial pressures to accelerate profits meant they could no longer in good conscience continue to associate themselves with the brand... Read

Sports Nutrition Congress 2018 - Register now
The NutraIngredients Sports Nutrition Congress 2018, organised in association with the ESSNA, will take place in Brussels on September 25- 26, 2018. The event aims to bridge the gaps between cutting edge science, business strategy and key regulatory developments offering a one stop shop for the latest must have insights in the worlds of sports and active nutrition. Book your tickets...

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