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Ecom Rebuilds | DDoS Recovery | Retain Affiliates

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October 27, 2016

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Amazon Buy Box Domination: 2016 Report Access

Ninety percent of all seller revenue comes from Buy Box sales. Buy Box losers are relegated to the depressing community of "other sellers" picking up the scraps. Be a winner. This report cuts through the confusion to uncover the true levers of Amazon Marketplace success.



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How to Reduce Risks of an Ecommerce Rebuild

Most every ecommerce storeowner, at some point, wants to completely rebuild her store. It’s usually for a number of reasons. Current store is too slow and is losing customers, current store looks and feels dated, competitors recently rebuilt their store...

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9 Ways to Recover Sales after a DDoS Attack

If yours was one of the thousands of online stores that suffered from the October 21 distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, you likely saw a decline in sales. Hopefully, that was coupled with an increase in phone calls and emails so you could explain...

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New Data to Prepare for Holiday Sales

Thirty percent of retail sales occur during the holiday season, making it a critical time of year for your business. Avoid operational mishaps and increase profitability with insights into consumer trends, predictions for the holiday season, and actionable tips for successful holiday sales.



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A Strategy to Retain Affiliates, for Affiliate Marketing

There are thousands of retailers that offer affiliate marketing programs. Potential affiliates have many options to choose from. A goal of an affiliate manager should therefore be to build loyalty among existing affiliates. A loyal affiliate will more likely promote your...

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5 Ways to Promote a New Online Store

A new online store is often empty. Shoppers don’t yet know your shop. They haven’t had time to learn about your products or your customer service. So if you want immediate store traffic and sales, you’re likely going to need to advertise.

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Wedding Rentals (and Order Thresholds) Boost Revenue

When I launched My Wedding Decor in April 2015, the site had just 80 or so products for sale. Three weeks passed and I received my first order, from a Sydney-based event company, of 150 gold mercury tea-light candleholders. As naive as it seems now...

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