Is the true value of medical nutrition hidden? / ASA on vit-C energy claim / Online CAM platform launches in nutrition e-commerce / Whole-algae / + more!

3 months ago

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Do your Sports Nutrition products go the distance?
Today sports nutrition is one of the most promising sectors of the dietary supplement industry. Evolving from an athletes only category to include people maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Discover new ingredients and formulas in this paper...

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Poor assessment and definitions hide true value of medical nutrition, review reveals
Insufficient assessment and poor definitions are blurring our view of the value of medical nutrition for our health and economies, according to a new review of literature in Europe and the US...

ASA rules ad wrongly implies vit-C containing tablets boost energy
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled a poster for Dextro Energy glucose tablets incorrectly states that vitamin C can contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue...

Recommended for you? Entrepreneur wants to create Air BnB of holistic health
A Belgium-based entrepreneur has developed an online booking platform for complementary and alternative medicine practitioners, set to integrate nutritional e-commerce, in a bid to simplify and promote holistic health...

Riding on whole food trend, AlgaTech launches whole-algae ingredient
Israeli astaxanthin maker AlgaTech added a new ingredient to its portfolio, the whole-algae AstaPure Arava, named after the desert in which the company grows its microalgae...

Caffeine sports chew startup to launch into US It's the 'main endurance market in the world', says founder
A UK startup brings its concentrated caffeine chew to the US via Amazon this week, entering what it defines as the world's most important endurance market just in time for marathon and triathlon season...



 WATCH: 'Exciting' advancements in beadlet technology perfect for pre-workout blends, says supplier
New beadlet technologies are an ideal delivery system solution for pre-workout formats, says Cambridge Commodities...
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TENDOFORTE strengthens ligaments and tendons
Brand new study confirms: Bioactive Collagen Peptides enhance function and reduces pain in Achilles Tendinopathy patients. They support strong and flexible tendons and ligaments and fast return-to-training in athletes. More information?...

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Diets in decline: Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies on the rise
Intakes of most vitamins and minerals have taken a nosedive since 2008, leading to an increase in deficiencies of key nutrients including vitamin A, fibre and iron, according to the UKs latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey...

Probiotics: The sleeping giant of sports nutrition?
Probiotics hold a wealth of pent-up NPD potential' for the Sports Nutrition (SN) industry as they hold the key to untapped and highly desired health benefits, according to new research from Lumina Intelligence...

Dietitian's view: Should celeb Instagram ads be banned?
Celebrity-endorsements on social media could be exacerbating our nationwide rise in diet deficiencies, an expert has said in response to a doctor's call to ban all celeb social media ads for diet products...

New understanding: Fibre polymers change gut environment by aggregation, mouse study suggests
Large fibre polymers can physically influence our gut environment and the rates at which foods, nutrients and drugs are absorbed by causing solid particles to group together, say researchers...

BASF omega-3: From Norway since 1838 to a global, multi-platform omega-3 leader
The omega-3 market is entering a new era, with absorption and validation of efficacy among healthy populations now the top priority.
In this feature, learn how BASF is unlocking these opportunities for partners by building on its market-defining 180-year legacy in omega-3 manufacturing and science...
Vitamin K2 Supplements: Combining Science of Product Formulation with Art of Product Design
Register for the webinar to learn about a range of market-ready formulations that combine the science of vitamin K2 formulation with the art of delivering it in innovativ...
How crisis communications can turn dietary supplement industry challenges into opportunities
Having a plan in place before a crisis hits is the key to helping a company come through without too much damage, an expert told NutraIngredients-USA... Read



BI partners with Brenntag Food & Nutrition for distribution in Canada
Manufacturer and plant-based ingredient supplier BI Nutraceuticals has partnered with Canadian company Brenntag Canada Inc... Read

Asahi to bring Japanese standards to child nutrition in Vietnam with new JV
Japanese beverage group Asahi is entering Vietnam's infant and child nutrition sector, having recently entered a joint venture with Vietnam Nutrition Food JSC (Nutifood)... Read

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» Eroding trust? New report looks to fight declining confidence in nutrition science
» Compound from Vietnamese herb shows promise in fight against sarcopenia
» France provides updates to vitamin A use in food supplements
» Caesarean rates related to better maternal nutrition, study finds
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Curcumin: Do all roads lead to gold? - Sabinsa
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Mobilee® - Supporting joint health and muscle strength - BIOIBERICA, S.A.U.
Convenient lutein formulation for dietary supplements. - InnoBio Limited
Skin-Gut Axis: The Potential of Pomella® - LEHVOSS Nutrition– Gee Lawson
Faster, Higher and Stronger for Longer - Gelita AG
Robuvit® Shown to Improve Recovery from The Flu - Horphag Research
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