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Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel Personal Injury-Wrongful Death Newsletter - April 2016

Accidents Happen....
But Having a Good Lawyer is No Accident.
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Click on the Newsletter Article Link below to read more about this interesting subject. Assault and Battery Two common types of personal injury torts are assault and battery. Battery is often confused with assault, and the two terms are often perceived as one claim. In actuality, they are two separate legal claims. An assault is an act that creates a reasonable apprehension of an imminent battery, while a battery is the intentional and unpermitted physical contact with another. Often, claims for both assault and battery are filed that stem from the same incident. However, even though the torts often occur together, it is important to understand that they are separate and distinct legal claims. Call us at 1-800-972-8144 or 516-822-7866 to discuss any concerns or issues you may have and learn about your rights. We're here to help.
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