Newsletter April: read about our Special Services, National Holidays in May and more

12 months ago

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Embassy Freight Services UK
Newsletter April 2018


Embassy Freight Services UK
Basildon office
Unit 1 Apollo Business Park
Essex SS14 3 NW
United Kingdom
T + 44 (0) 1268 820461

Heathrow office
Building 554 Shoreham Road
London Heathrow Airport
United Kingdom
T +44 (0) 208 897 9142

Special Services

Aprl 2018

Embassy Freight Services UK can offer you special services like defence, aerospace and time critical shipments.

We are proud that our DG & Defence department has been appointed as forwarder for the upcoming tour of rock legends Iron Maiden. This for the third consecutive time!

Visit our activity webpage on special services for more information.


April 2018

Embassy Freight Services UK has a dedicated team specialising in the safe and legal shipment of Hazardous Class 1 cargoes such as pyrotechnics, explosives, ammunition and firearms. Certified for the transport of dangerous goods in accordance with ADR, IMO and IATA / FIATA.

We are licensed by the UK Home Office to move firearms and ammunition prohibited under section 5 of the Firearms Act 1968 (as amended). A professional logistics service for products that demand experienced and highly trained teams to deliver without risk.


April 2018

Our aerospace team are fully conversant in the language & terminology of the industry. Trained and experienced individuals that dedicate themselves to providing a dependable & flexible service to our valued clients.

Embassy Freight Services UK has a specialist worldwide network of partners. Without partners with the same qualified staff, Time Critical or AOG consignments can be delayed. Our network partners are evaluated and audited to guarantee their performance. Together we negotiate the customs regimes and logistical regulations for each country.

Real time shipment information delivered to our clients by EDI, email or sms. Individual solutions suited to each client’s internal inventory management.

Time Critical

April 2018

If your business deals with Time Critical Commodities we are a top-class logistics provider/freight forwarder. You need reliability, specialist expertise and personal attention. Whether it’s a one-off shipment or a special cargo, large or small, local or the other side of the world, it’s too valuable to be left to chance.

Embassy Freight Services UK is able to advise clients on the most appropriate method of movement of their goods to ensure products arrive faster (with speed and reliability), in order to optimise the clients supply chain efficiently. We and our partners work closely with all types of suppliers and manufacturers to ensure a superior and consistent service, ensuring that the customers business is not compromised.

South Africa: Conveyances and Goods (RCG)

April 2018

The South African Government is implementing the Reporting for Conveyances and Goods (RCG) project.

Manifest details for all containerized cargo arriving as of 20th of April 2018 into South Africa are now required to be reported to customs authorities (SARS).  This applies to all cargo being imported, as well as cargo transshipped via South Africa.

The RCG requires carriers and NVOCC’s to electronically file details of all cargo on any vessel intended to sail for South Africa, 24 hours prior to departure from the port of origin. If this deadline is not met, cargo cannot be unloaded from this vessel without express permission from customs authorities.

In order to meet the requirements of the South African customs, it is important that we have the complete B/L instructions in our possession in time.

Visit our country page (under practical info) about South Africa for information about required transport documents, facts & figures and economy.

GDPR as from 25/05/2018

April 2018

As from 25/05/2018 GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will be applicable.
Embassy Freight Services UK will give you more information about this change since this also concerns your subscription to our newsletter.

Ivory Coast: Certificate of Conformity mandatory

April 2018

The government of Ivory Coast is introducing a Verification of Conformity program.

In order to comply with this program, a Certificate of Conformity must accompany all shipments to Ivory Coast. This certificate is mandatory for all shipments with a bill of lading date from April 16th 2018.

The certificate certifies that the products comply with international, national and even regional standards. It can be obtained through a third party inspection agency.

Without this certificate, the cargo cannot be customs cleared and will be rejected. Penalties may apply as well.

National Holidays in May

April 2018

Please note that our offices are closed on following days:

Monday 07/05/2018 - due to Early May Bank Holiday
Monday 28/05/2018 - due to Spring Bank Holiday

Our AOG & Time Critial Depts are running 24/7 as usual.

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