Newsletter December: read about extra volume eCommerce, London Heathrow Airport and more

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Embassy Freight Services UK
Newsletter December 2017


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eCommerce update

December 2017

Black Friday and Cyber Monday meant that Embassy Freight Services UK experienced a 66% increase in the number of parcels they received for their International clients who purchase for the UK.

Despite of the lack of capacity on the airlines for departure from the UK, all parcels were shipped.

More information about eCommerce can be found on our newspage or you can contact our Commercial Director, Mark Hall via

London Heathrow Airport

December 2017

Due to the fact that Embassy Freight Services UK is the only freight forwarder in the heart of the LHRCargo Centre, we notice that London Heathrow Airport is under pressure at present with additinal volumes.

The problem seems that there is a lot of cargo coming in by road from mainland Europe to be exported via UK. The cargo centre is regularly being closed off by the police, as the queues on the roads leading into the centre are stretching back to some extraordinary lengths on the perimeter roads.
It is expected to be a return to normal come January when air cargo markets are traditionally weak.

Visit our airfreight webpage for more information.

ACI Filing and eManifest Canada

December 2018

For security reasons, Canadian customs demand to know the ship’s manifest, including all commodities, 24 hours prior to vessel departure from the port of Loading. This filing is called ACI filing, which stands for Advance Commercial Information.

Besides the ACI filing, another filing is required. eManifest or Electronic Manifest, requires Canadian freight forwarders, importers or their brokers to electronically transmit the cargo data to the CBSA prior to arrival of the shipment. This applies to all modes of transportation: sea, air, road and rail transport. For every modality, the CBSA prescribed a specific time frame within which the declaration has to be done.

This will be mandatory as per January 1, 2018 but was already implemented in November 2016.

Visit our country page about Canada for more information.

HTSUS-number USA

December 2018

CBP, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, has published a new regulation for goods shipped ‘in-bond’. As per November 27th, cargo moving in-bond in the USA must contain a 6-digit Harmonize Tariff Schedule of the United States number. This number is also called HTSUS.

Therefore, please make sure you submit this HTSUS number in your shipping instructions. We will then ensure that all relevant information will be filed accordingly.
Elecronic filing is required for all cargo transported by ocean, rail and truck.

More information can be found on our newspage.

60 Days...The Pilot Takes Off!

December 2017

“The “Cash King” pilot has taken off and will now be rolled out in full in 2018..” enthused our Commercial Director, Mark Hall.
Hall shared some of the experiences of this programme which make for interesting reading. He said that proof of concept was very straight forward in that they worked with one customer and everyone was on the same page instantly. Yet when it came to the pilot, it was more difficult to obtain the take up.  Hall said that the difficult part was people understanding the power of cash and the reflection of that on the balance sheet, in that the better the cash to debt ratio is, the better a company’s credit rating is, helping them when they need capex support for example.
According to Hall, the most interesting case they had was where a shipping manager knew that anything less than 30 days was not good and when he took the 60 days agreement to the board of his employer, he was looked upon favourably. After a few months and everything was proved to be running well, that customer then awarded Embassy with all of their business and in return now have a 90 days credit facility.
Hall went on to say “this facility is available on all of our invoices, which for importers is extremely attractive for we can ship the goods, pay the duties and taxes, warehouse/fulfilment and deliver the goods all on a 60 days credit basis. Therefore, it is feasible for a customer to actually sell the goods and be paid before they pay us”.
Hall stressed that this facility is ONLY available to UK based customers,
if you would like to know more about this product and see if your company qualifies, please email using the subject line 60 days credit.

National Holidays

December 2017

The team of Embassy Freight Services UK (Basildon and Heathrow office) wishes you merry Christmas and a succesful 2018 for you and your family!

Please note that our office will be closed on the following days:

Monday December 25th, 2017 due to Christmas day
Tuesday December 26th, 2017 due to Christmas Boxing day
Monday January 1st, 2018 due to New Year's day

WCA Singapore 2018

December 2017

Next year, between 4th of March and the 8th of March 2018 the team of Embassy Freight Services UK will be attending the WCA Conference in Singapore.

More information will follow in our next newsletters.

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