Newsletter December : read now about Chinese New Year, new terminal Qatar, dual use goods and opening hours in December

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Newsletter December 2016


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Chinese New Year 2017 - book your shipment (sea and air) now

December 2016

In 2017, Chinese New Year starts earlier than usual. The official celebration is on 28-01-2017, but for most factories and freight forwarders the vacation period will likely start around 26-01-2017.
In the weeks preceding this, it is often a challenge to secure the space with carriers and airlines. That applies to both import and export shipments. In addition there is a strong possibility that the ocean and air freight rates will (temporarily) increase.
We would therefore like to advise you to prepare all cargo as far in advance as possible. We will of course do everything in our power to ship your cargo against the best possible conditions and rates.

Country info

For more information about imports from and exports to China, please visit the country page of our website (under “practical info”).

New terminal Qatar

December 2016

As from December 1st, Qatar’s new Hamad Port is fully operational, replacing the existing Doha Port. All vessels calling Qatar will shift to Hamad Port.
Therefore all your documentation should now mention Hamad Port.

Dual use goods

December 2016

It’s important for any company that exports cargo to remain informed about regulations regarding strategic goods. This concerns military products or Dual Use goods.
Dual Use goods are items, software and technologies that are normally intended for civil purposes, but can possibly have a military application, or may contribute to the production or distribution of weapons of mass destruction. For example, nuclear weapons, chemical gasses or biological weapons.
There are various International treaties which regulate the trade of such items. They cannot be exported or carried on without a license.Export to certain countries is actually prohibited. Local customs authorities enforce these rules.
Take a look at our website for more information about Dual use goods

Openings hours in December

December 2016

Please find below our opening hours during the holidays in December :

Friday 23rd December         - offices close from 12:00
Monday 26th December      - offices are closed
Tuesday 27th December     - offices are closed
Friday 30th December         - offices close from 12:00
Monday 2nd January           - offices are closed

Please note that Aerospace & Time Critical staff will remain on duty 24/7 as usal.

More information

December 2016

Visit our website for important news items.

Did you know that via our Logistics Glossary you can find definitions of hundreds of logistic terms ?

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