Newsletter July: read about main ports UK, congestion in Rotterdam and Antwerp, new tax India and more

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Embassy Freight Services UK
Newsletter July 2017


Embassy Freight Services UK
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Main ports of the UK

June 2017

The 3 main ports of the UK are :

South Hampton

Liverpool port is rapidly growing and the new London Gateway port is expanding with new services calling from the Far East.

Contact us for more information about oceanfreight.

Still congestion in Rotterdam and Antwerp

July 2017

As we already published on the newspage of our website, there is still congestion in Rotterdam and Antwerp.
Because of the extra waiting time (up to 3 days), several barge operators have implemented a congestion surcharge;
Don't hesitate to contact us at if you have further questions.

New Goods and Services Tax in India

July 2017

The government of India has implemented the GST (Goods and Services Tax) in India on 1st July 2017.
These GST will replace the previous taxes and exist of 4 different tariff groups. Take a look at our website for more information about these tariff groups.
These centralized new tax is applicable for sea- and airfreight and tariffs vary from 5% to 18 %.

Take a look at our country page about China

July 2017

Are you looking for information from and to China to handle all your import and export shipments ?

Take a look at our country page about China. You can find this on our website under Practical info.

Information about our different offices, the required transport documents and facts & figures can be found here.

We have also added a calendar with the Mainland China Holidays.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you require more information

Have a nice Summer!

July 2017

This is our last newsletter this summer. Most of you will enjoy a well-deserved holiday.

We wish you a beautiful Summer!

More information

July 2017

Visit our website for important news items.

Did you know that via our Logistics Glossary you can find definitions of hundreds of logistic terms such as HAWB and FAK.

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