Newsletter June: read about cancellation fees, current situation Qatar, Rex and shipment to New Delhi

1 year ago

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Newsletter June 2017


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Cancellation fees

June 2017

Penalties for cancellation or no-show bookings have been reintroduced by the shipping lines.
Till now the carriers have overbooked their vessels on the basis that 20-30% of bookings will in fact, be a no show.
However, as seen earlier this year, from Northern Europe, when the bookings do actually arrive, the overbooking practise backfires. This simply results in containers being rolled to later vessels.
For bookings amended / cancelled within seven days of sailing, charges may be levied per TEU (20’ equivalent).
Further news to follow as the shipping lines announce the actual costs per trade lane.

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Current situation Qatar

June 2017

As we already mentioned on the newspage on our website, there are severe problems regarding shipments to Qatar and this for both sea- and airfreight.

Different shipping lines are looking for alternatives. For example, using other transhipment ports like Mundra and Salalah, which can result in an increase on the ocean freight level.

If you have shipments for Qatar, contact us or visit our website for more information.

REX-system (Registered Exporter)

June 2017

The REX-system (Registered Exporter) was implemented in January 2017.
The exporter will need the status of “registered exporter” to be able to create a statement regarding the origin of the commodity.
He will have to be registered in the database of the European Commision REX and will get a REX-number.This number will have to be noted on the statement.
This new way of working is already valid in following countries: Canada, Turkey, Norway and Switserland.
Soon it will be applicable also in for instance Mexico, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam.
Contact us for more information about REX.

No hazardous cargo for New Delhi

June 2017

Since May 2017 shipments with dangerous goods are no longer accepted in New Delhi (India) and this is still valid.

Whether goods are hazardous or not, can be found in the IMDG code (International Marine Dangerous Goods) code. This describes the specific regulations with regards to the maritime transport of goods classified by the UN as hazardous.

Since such goods require additional care, the shipping company must be informed of the exact details within a DGD format when booking, Based on such a statement, the shipping company decides whether the goods can be accepted for transport and how the goods need to be handled.

Contact us for more information about shipments to India.

More information

June 2017

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Did you know that via our Logistics Glossary you can find definitions of hundreds of logistic terms such as HAWB and FAK.

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