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Embassy Freight Services UK
Newsletter May 2017


Embassy Freight Services UK
Basildon office
Unit 1 Apollo Business Park
Essex SS14 3 NW
United Kingdom
T + 44 (0) 1268 820461

Heathrow office
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New division: Embassy Event Services

May 2017

As from May 2017 Embassy Freight Services UK, is proud to offer you a new service:
                        Embassy Event Services
Through this new service Embassy Freight Services UK offers you a solution for your Event Supply Chain.
We assure our clients that any specific shipping requirements they may have (from ATA Carnets to International Event Packing) will be taken care of and ensures that the exhibits arrive safely.
Take a look at our event calendar on the new website or contact us.

60 Days Credit

May 2017

Increase your Credit Rating - CASH IS KING!

We’ve had good uptake in our 60 days Credit Facility.  Our UK Commercial Director, Mark Hall commented “At first people think it is too good to be true, others see it as a loan, with both perceptions being wrong. We are not lending money, we are simply giving extended credit terms.  Any business taking advantage of this effectively increases their Credit Rating and their cashflow of course”.

Contact us for more information

Customs declarations and documents

May 2017

In the "practical info" section of our website you can find more information on customs declarations and documents.
Embassy Freight Services UK can handle your customs declarations for both import and export shipments, and bonded cargo.We can offer limited fiscal representation, and advise on customs as well as requirements for your cargo.

For more information about different documents such as EXA and T1, you can visit our website or contact us

Congestion in China

May 2017

Currently the Chinese ports of Shanghai, Ningbo and Qingdao are suffering from heavy port congestion.
The majority of the ships are facing delays of 48 up to 60 hours and still increasing.
You can find different reasons for this congestion on our website's newspage.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information

Change in Indian Service Tax

May 2017

In February, we informed you about the Indian Service Tax. In the past months, this tax of 4,5% was invoiced to the shipper.
The Indian Ministry of Finance has recently changed these regulations. With immediate effect, the Indian Service Tax will be payable on Collect basis: by the importer.
Depending on the carrier, this tax either has to be paid to the Indian government directly, or will be collected by the carrier.
Please contact us for more information.

National Holiday

May 2017

Please note that our offices will be closed on:

Monday 05/06/2017 due to Whit Monday

Our AOG & Time Critical Depts are running 24/7 as usual.

More information

May 2017

Visit our website for important news items.

Did you know that via our Logistics Glossary you can find definitions of hundreds of logistic terms such as ADN and CBM.

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