Newsletter October: read about our new eCommerce warehouse, ban of waste in China and waiver Cameroon

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Embassy Freight Services UK
Newsletter October 2017


Embassy Freight Services UK
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Opening of eCommerce warehouse

October 2017

Embassy Freight Services UK is proud to present the opening of the eCommerce warehouse last week.

Our eCommerce warehouse is situated at London Heathrow Airport and Robert Hodge - who has 30 years experience in Warehouse Management - is taking care of all the specific operations.

The eCommerce market is changing at an extremely fast pace and what we are working on at present will really take us to the forefront in the UK, which is the largest eCommerce market in Europe.

Embassy's opening fulfilment customer is so Embassy Freight Services UK can add value in taking a lot of their customer service functions off their workload to free them up and concentrate on growing their business.

Read more about eCommerce on our website of contact our Commercial Director, Mark Hall via

China is banning waste and scrap

October 2017

China will ban imports of 24 types of waste and scrap in order to reduce the environmental pollution. Imports of used tyres, plastic, paper, glass, textiles, and old medicines will be prohibited.
Some scrap metals such as steel, copper, aluminium and nickel are excluded from this ban.
As from December 31st 2017, cargo listed as banned will no longer be accepted for shipment to China.
Take a look at our country page about China or contact us for more information.
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NIF and PR number needed for waiver Cameroon

October 2017

Shipments to Cameroon need to be accompanied by a BESC (Bordereau Électronique de Suivi des Cargaisons) document, also known as a waiver.

A NIF number and PR number is now needed to get your waiver validated.
Every importer needs to be registered by applying for a NIF (Numero d'Identifacation Fiscale) number. With this unique NIF number, the importer can obtain a transaction number starting with PRxxxx. This PR number differs per shipment and has to be mentioned on the BESC document.
Both numbers need to be communicated to the shipper. Without this PR number, shipments will not be accepted and the BESC document cannot be validated.

More information can be found on our newspage.

More information

October 2017

Visit our website for important news items.

Did you know that via our Logistics Glossary you can find definitions of hundreds of logistic terms such as WMS and BESC.

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