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News & Analysis on Supplements, Health & Nutrition - North America 
From 05-Jul-2018 to 12-Jul-2018
Manufacturer study adds evidence supporting more bioavailable form of arginine
Inositol-stabilized arginine is more bioavailable than arginine hydrochloride (HCL), according to new research by sports nutrition ingredient specialist Nutrition 21... Read



Popping crystals aim to be as big as gummies for nutrient delivery
PFHIX started as a food ingredients company selling its effervescent popping crystals in bulk and under private label, but has recently made a hard pivot into the nutraceutical space, working with companies such as Applied Food Sciences, Glanbia, and Sabinsa that are all developing products using the crystal delivery format... Read

CBD brand includes melatonin in sleep product
A nascent CBD brand that bills itself as an affordable alternative has launched a product featuring melatonin aimed at healthy sleep support... Read

Panda-friendly Schisandra: Project provides blueprint for sourcing botanicals in ecosystems with endangered animals
How palm oil supply affects endangered orangutans, or coffee production impacts migratory birds are relatively well-known for many consumers, but they may not be aware of panda-friendly Schisandra sphenanthera. This could be set to change... Read

The freedom for active adults to remain active.
Lonzas UC-II undenatured type II collagen delivers clinically studied joint-health benefits. With one, 40 mg dose a day, active adults can feel empowered in their own body, regardless of age or ability...

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Prebiotic fibers show gut and immune health benefits for children: RCT
Supplementing the diet of three- to six-year-olds with chicory root fiber may improve their gut microbiota composition and strengthen their immune defenses, says a new study... Read

Introducing ESI Nutrition: Lata launches new global B2B nutrition division
French dairy cooperative Lata is rolling out a new global nutrition division, to be known as ESI Nutrition, as it looks to leverage expertise in the health and nutrition sector... Read

Algatech says despite concerns about sunscreen claims astaxanthin can support skin health
Some marketers making claims for sunscreen-like action on their dietary supplement products have received warning letters. But one astaxanthin supplier maintains its ingredient has data backing its important sun health benefits... Read



Morinaga self-affirms GRAS status for LAC-Shield immune ingredient
Japan's Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. has attained self-affirmed GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status in the US for its LAC-Shield immunogenic ingredient... Read



Muscle health product market set for expansion as sarcopenia understanding develops: TSI
The number of muscle health products is likely to grow in APAC as the region ages and consumers become better educated about conditions such as sarcopenia... Read

BASF expects Force Majeure to end in Q3
Global ingredients supplier BASF says it expects to life its Force Majeure on human nutrition products including vitamin A, vitamin E and carotenoids from the middle of Q3 2018... Read

Review finds promising, if preliminary, data backing mood support effects for probiotics, prebiotics and omega-3s
A recent review of studies on interventions with probiotics, prebiotics and omega-3s shows that there is promising data backing these ingredients effects on ameliorating anxiety, stress and depression. But much more research is needed to identify pathways, biomarkers and modes of action... Read

Review backs green tea, other polyphenols for improving sperm health by cutting oxidative stress
Fertility is an area rarely touched by dietary ingredients. A recent review by Chinese researchers shows that certain polyphenols may in the near future be able to make claims in this area by reducing inflammation that could damage sperm cells... Read

Boswellia oleogum resin prone to adulteration, new bulletin outlines
The botanical Boswellia has been used for its anti-inflammatory properties for millennia, but its not uncommon to find some products today labeled as Boswellia to skimp on the amount of the botanical or to substitute in a less-researched form... Read

Study shows almost no college football players get enough omega-3s
Despite the potential protective role of omega-3s in cases of traumatic brain injury, only one of more than 100 college football players recently surveyed had a blood level of omega-3s that could offer the best protection... Read

Vitamin B12 and folate deficiencies in older adults partly attributed to voluntary fortification policy, researchers say
One in eight adults in Ireland over the age of 50 arent getting enough vitamin B12 from their normal diets while one in seven are deficient in folic acid, but researchers from Trinity College Dublin argued that this could be improved by adopting a mandatory food fortification policy similar to the US... Read

CRN rebukes another null study on multivitamins and heart health: 'They are not intended to serve as magic bullets'
Another study published this year posits multivitamin consumption does not improve cardiovascular outcomes. A supplement industry trade group reminds that they werent made for that anyway... Read

Pterostilbene fared better than resveratrol for blood sugar management in animal study
Obese rats that received pterostilbene exhibited improvements in blood sugar levels and muscle health, more so than obese rats given resveratrol, according to a new study... Read

Collagen-based supplement shows skin and joint health benefits: RCT
Oral supplementation with collagen bioactive peptides, plus chondroitin, glucosamine, L-carnitine, vitamins, and minerals may simultaneously improve both skin and joint health, says a new study... Read

Meta-analysis supports 'cardio-metabolic' benefits of anthocyanins
Dietary supplements containing anthocyanins polyphenolic pigments found in plants such as berries may improve insulin resistance, as well as cholesterol levels, according to a meta-analysis of 19 clinical trials... Read

Gut bacteria changes may provide strong evidence for early-stage liver disease
Chemical by-products produced by gut bacteria could form the basis of a test to detect the early stages of liver disease, according to a European-based study published in Nature... Read

EPA metabolite preserves bone tissue in study
Researchers working with a metabolite of EPA have found that the compound plays a role in preserving bone tissue during an inflammatory challenge... Read

Study supports collagens skin health benefits: RCT
Supplementation with a low molecular-weight collagen peptide may boost skin health from within by improving hydration and elasticity, says a new study from South Korea... Read



'Sports drinks' versus 'energy drinks': The two must be differentiated, argues ESSNA
It is vital that sports drinks designed to enhance the performance of athletes are clearly differentiated from highly caffeinated energy drinks that are not, says the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA)... Read

Blackmores CEO exclusive: 'New retail' a fascinating opportunity for international supplement brands in China
China's 'new retail' phenomenon whereby companies like Alibaba seek to converge e-commerce insights with bricks-and-mortar retail operations could provide as many opportunities for supplement brands as it has done for food firms, Blackmores CEO Richard Henfrey believes... Read

China's 'amazing industry growth' shows no sign of slowing...despite regulatory barriers
China's supplement market will continue to experience double-digit annual growth for the next couple of years, but longer-term success hinges on regulatory reform, says the executive director of Health Products Association China... Read

FTC shuts down supplement marketers over phony free trial schemes
The Federal Trade Commission has shut down a group of internet marketers of dietary supplements and personal care products who allegedly tricked consumers into signing up for fraudulent free trial schemes... Read

CRN updates guidelines on SARMs, caffeine
The Council for Responsible Nutrition has updated two guidelines for members, bringing practices in line with the latest changes in federal regulations. One deals with SARMs, another with high potency forms of caffeine... Read

NAD ruling reaffirms that science on ingredients shouldnt be extrapolated to cover finished formulation
The National Advertising Division has recommended that a sports nutrition marketer discontinue claims made on a supplement marketed to triathletes that purported to boost their oxygen uptake capacity and speed recovery... Read

Italian ministry move to simplify botanical production for supplement use
The Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (MIPAAF) has approved legislation that simplifies the cultivation, harvesting and processing of botanical plants potentially used for food supplements... Read

NDI filings coming in at expected rate, FDA says, but questions on GRAS process remain
The confused picture on New Dietary Ingredients became a bit clearer this week when FDA updated the public docket on filings and said it does not expect there to be a significant change in how many companies are choosing to go through the process... Read

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