Packaged food sales 'anemic' in 2017, says Euromonitor; Hispanic buying trends; Walter Robb invests in HeatGenie; Gen Mills' gluten-free innovation

1 year ago

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NEW Innovation for Titanium Dioxide Replacement
Need a simple ingredient alternative to Titanium Dioxide in mid to high water activity applications like soups, dressings, powder creamers, beverage mixes, etc.? Look no more with this natural solution...

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Euromonitor on US retail sales of packaged food in 2017: Growth has been pretty anemic
US retail sales* of packaged foods are estimated to increase by an anemic 1.2% in 2017, predict analysts at market research provider, Euromonitor International. FoodNavigator-USA caught up with Jared Koerten, lead analyst, and Dewey Warner, research analyst, to delve into a few key categories...

Hispanic shoppers emerge as heavy natural, organic buyers in the US
Hispanic shoppers buy significantly more natural, organic and better-for-you items than the overall US population, which suggests manufacturers in the space could generate even higher sales by targeting the demographic, according to new research from the full-service marketing firm Acosta...

Walter Robb invests in HeatGenie self-heating beverage tech firm as it gears up for 2018 launch
Former Whole Foods co-CEO Walter Robb has invested in self-heating beverage packaging firm HeatGenie and joined its board of directors as it gears up for a 2018 launch with some high-profile beverage brands...

Fresh, filled and free-from: General Mills seeks patent on gluten-free pastas
General Mills is seeking to patent a way to make gluten-free and reduced-gluten fresh, filled pastas such as ravioli without any breakages or tears during processing...

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Garlic Available in the Form You Need
The distinctive, full flavor of garlic from The Garlic Company can set your application apart. The Garlic Company offers every form you could possibly need including whole bulb, peeled, chopped, diced, juice & more. LEARN MORE...

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Where next for natural sweeteners? In conversation with Layn USA
Monk fruit is still more expensive than stevia, but significant progress is being made on tackling the pricing and regulatory issues that have historically held the market back, says Layn Corp, a leading supplier of monk fruit and stevia based natural sweeteners...

Goodbye NuVal and good riddance?
The NuVal shelf tag program which assigned products a score of 1-100 based on their nutritional value has been phased out. Good riddance, or do we need a system that attempts to provides consumers with at-a-glance information that helps them rapidly compare products and identify healthier options?..

Organic industry fights back against USDA delay of animal welfare rule
Against the vast majority of stakeholders wishes, the US Department of Agriculture once again is delaying the widely supported Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices because the department believes the final rule oversteps Congress mandate for the care of livestock and will cost more to implement than originally outlined...

High increases in organic production signals a maturing of the American market
Double digit increases in the US acreage for organic grains and in soy and corn in particular signal the industry is maturing and America soon could be able to rely on domestic production to meet growing demand for organic products, according to a new report from Mercaris...

Finlays: Combining heritage and innovation to create novel tea and coffee product ideas
In the fast-changing tea and coffee markets, beverage companies need suppliers that combine heritage and innovation. Finlays has this blend of characteristics...
Up to half of Indias milk and vegetables wasted from poor cold chain infrastructure
About 40% to 50% of Indias total annual production of milk, fruit and vegetables, worth $440bn, ends up wasted... Read



PepsiCo brings back seasonal Lays potato chips and Cheetos for winter holidays
PepsiCo has launched a range of snacks for the winter holiday season, including re-introduced seasonal items such as Lays Wavy potato chips dipped in chocolate... Read

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