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12 months ago

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Deerland granted use patent for PreforPro bacteriophage
Georgia-based Deerland Enzymes & Probiotics has received a notice of allowance for its US patent application directed to prebiotic compositions comprising bacteriophages, namely Deerlands branded prebiotic, PreforPro...

Mouse data backs DuPont prebiotic for multiple effects
DuPonts prebiotic fibre could exert positive benefits to the gut microbiome, according to an animal study featured in Nature which also raises future implications on skin, metabolic and even brain health...

Research backing for synbiotic effects still a bit thin, experts say
Synbiotics, or the pairing of a probiotic organism with a compatible prebiotic, remains an alluring concept, but one that still needs more data support, experts say...

Prebiotics forge forward on gut health benefits during fiber guidance interregnum
The state of prebiotic fibers remains in limbo while FDA mulls over comments to its guidance on the subject. But companies can still market their ingredients based on gut health benefits, experts say...

It's still unclear how gut diversity relates to health, researchers say
Researchers agree that a more diverse gut microbiome is a healthier one. But beyond that, they dont have the basis to agree on much else surrounding the concept of diversity...

Study finds link between gut microbiota, sleep quality and cognitive flexibility
A new study highlights the link between sleep habits, gut microbiome composition and cognitive flexibility in healthy older adults, but could probiotics benefit sleep-related cognitive issues?..

Study explores how composition and function of gut microbiota changes during day
The composition and function of the microbiota in the human gut changes throughout the day, with links to dietary and bathroom habits. The findings may have implications for the design of future probiotic clinical trials...

The 18 things we learned from the IPAs DC Workshop 2017
From market sizing to the need for global probiotics standards at Codex, the International Probiotic Associations second DC workshop in collaboration with the US Pharmacopeia succeeded in providing a venue for sharing knowledge and expertise...

 Vox Pop: Consumers are familiar with the word probiotic, but struggle to define it
Probiotics are distinct types of bacteria that have been clearly defined by health authorities around the world, trade associations, as well as the World Health Organization. However, this definition may have not yet entered mainstream consciousness...
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Cargill adds EpiCor to ingredients stable
Cargill has moved to purchase the parent company of Embria, makers of EpiCor, a major immune health ingredient...

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ExcelVite Sdn. Bhd.
ExcelVite is the worlds largest PIC/S cGMP certified-producer of natural full spectrum tocotrienol complex (EVNol), mixed carotene (EVTene), palm phytosterol complex (EVRo.. More details
Gnosis USA Inc.
With over 25 years of experience in microbial fermentation and an international manufacturing network dedicated to high-quality and proprietary products Gnosis is a leading m.. More details
International Probiotics Association
The International Probiotics Association (IPA) is an international organization with members equally divided between industry and academia and its goal is to provide a unique.. More details
Lallemand Health Solutions. Quality Probiotics. Complete Solutions.
Lallemand Health Solutions built a successful reputation for more than 80 years in providing probiotic products with solid scientific research, a broad portfolio of regulator.. More details
Naturex sources, manufactures and markets natural specialty ingredients for the food, health and cosmetic industries. As the Natural Maker, the company actively supports the .. More details
Stratum Nutrition
Stratum Nutrition is a specialty health ingredient supplier offering a portfolio of branded ingredients developed in collaboration with global partnerships, based on consume.. More details
UAS Labs
Founded in 1979, UAS Labs, LLC has delivered the highest quality, science-backed probiotics to the marketplace for more than thirty years. Strictly dedicated to probiotic man.. More details
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