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12 months ago

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Growing Responsibly
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Olam SVI's dried onion operation meaningfully supports our customer's sustainability goals

Meaningful, measured impacts are the hallmark of a true commitment to sustainability. Olam SVI's dried onion program has sustainability targets throughout the supply chain: managing resources and impacts in growing, harvesting, logistics, and processing to make a meaningful, measureable difference.

Olam SVI's onions possess the world's highest solid content and are bred to create end-to-end supply chain sustainability. Olam's proprietary onion breeding program results in onions that have solids content nearly double that of a conventional onion. This results in lower acreage needs, fewer chemical and fertilizer inputs, lower carbon footprint and reduced water needs — all adding up to significant resource reductions and improved efficiencies that make a true difference.

Download the full report to get details on specific efficiencies and benefits we have achieved throughout our supply chain.

Over the last 10 years Olam SVI has worked to improve its dried onions to achieve environmental sustainability goals through conservation efforts in the areas of water, climate change and land management.

As of March 2017, the dried onion program has created savings of:

gallons of water

KWh of electricity

therms of natural gas

lbs.of nitrogen

gallons of diesel

lbs. of pesticides

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