Verizon Throttled Fire Department’s “ Unlimited” Data During Calif. Wildfire

5 months ago

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Verizon Throttled Fire Department’s “Unlimited” Data During Calif. Wildfire
Ars Technica | Verizon Wireless' throttling of a fire department that uses its data services has been submitted as evidence in a lawsuit that seeks to reinstate federal net neutrality rules. "County Fire has experienced throttling by its ISP, Verizon," Santa Clara County Fire Chief Anthony Bowden wrote in a declaration. "This throttling has had a significant impact on our ability to provide emergency services. Verizon imposed these limitations despite being informed that throttling was actively impeding County Fire's ability to provide crisis-response and essential emergency services."
What Is Ransomware? Everything You Need to Know About One of the Biggest Menaces on the Web
ZDNet | Everything you need to know about ransomware: how it started, why it's booming, how to protect against it, and what to do if your PC is infected.
Before You Turn on Two-Factor Authentication…
Medium | "Before you require a second factor to log in to your accounts, you should understand the risks, have a recovery plan for when you lose your second factor(s), and know the tricks attackers may use to defeat two-factor authentication," writes Stuart Schechter. Bruce Schneier calls this article "a good primer on the security issues surrounding two-factor authentication," saying that while it's often an important security measure, it's not a panacea.
Google Privacy Checkup FAQ: How to Limit Tracking and Still Use the Apps You Love
PCWorld | You might not know it, but you have a surprising amount of control over your Google account, as long as you know where to find all the switches. Here’s everything you need to know about Google’s privacy settings: where to find them, what you can turn off, and how it all affects your phone.
Tips & Tricks for the Digital Workplace
How to Send a Confidential Email in Gmail on Android, iOS
TechRepublic | Gmail users can set an expiration date or revoke access to messages through confidential mode. Here's how to use the feature on mobile.
Change Management Checklist
Samanage Blog | When building your ITIL change management checklist, it can be helpful to structure your procedures around the “7 R’s."
IT Leadership & Strategy
The #1 Way to Advance Your IT Career: CIOs Speak
The Enterprisers Project | What's the top thing IT professionals can do to get to the next level at work? CIOs share their best tips.
Long Reads
Slack Was Able to Become a $7 Billion Company by Playing Nice with Others
Quartz | Slack announced a new $427 million round of financing yesterday, valuing the company at more than $7.1 billion. But perhaps most notably, Slack is succeeding with a very different playbook from previously Silicon Valley darlings, like Uber. Slack’s ethos is one of inclusion. On a product level, its ability to integrate with other companies and apps set it apart. (And remember the full-page newspaper ad they took out after Microsoft launched Teams? The ad read: “We’re genuinely excited to have some competition,” and was signed, “Your friends at Slack.”)
Add Users and Google Groups to Domain-Restricted Google+ Communities
G Suite Updates | Google is adding the ability to directly add users and Google Groups as members of Google+ Communities. When a moderator adds a group, group members are automatically added to the community. Subsequent updates to the group membership are automatically reflected in the community membership.
Docs Activity Dashboard Now Available to All G Suite Users
G Suite Updates | Google is making the Activity dashboard feature available to all G Suite users. Previously this feature was not fully available to G Suite Basic customers.
Check Out the First Job Listing Jeff Bezos Ever Posted for Amazon, from 24 Years Ago
He was looking for "extremely talented" software developers to "help pioneer commerce on the internet."

330 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001
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