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For free movement of ideas

Dear friends,

We’re delighted to announce the return of the VoxEurop newsletter.

With the European elections only a few days away, we feel it’s important to reconnect with you via this weekly rendez-vous. This is a crucial election for the future of our continent, and also an occasion to strengthen our editorial line on subjects that our central to the concerns of European citizens, as we explain in our editorial and manifesto for a new European journalism, published today.

This week, we propose a selection of articles published as part of “27 Voices for Europe”, which we’re producing with our partners across the continent: 27 journalists from 27 EU countries give their perspective on the main stakes in the European elections.

Besides the latest articles published on VoxEurop and the cartoon of the week, you’ll also find a selection from our archives – this week, a fascinating interview with political philosopher Jürgen Habermas on the rise of right-wing populism.

Thanks for your support! See you next week.


VoxEurop, the news media for Europeans:

Our manifesto for a European journalism

An online media outlet created by journalists from the four corners of Europe, VoxEurop is born of one conviction: it is no longer possible to address the challenges of the present era at the level of the individual nation.

VoxEurop editorial:

A new European endeavour

A few days before the European elections we are relaunching VoxEurop. And inviting our readers and friends to follow us to the polling station – European democracy starts with voting.

European elections 2019:

Listening to Europe’s voices

On the occasion of the European elections, VoxEurop is launching a new and unprecedented editorial initiative with 27 partners across Europe.

Social media and the European elections:

How Facebook new rules on political ads are damaging civil society

The Good Lobby, Brussels

Civil society is rebelling against the new Facebook rules on political advertising.

Citizens abroad and the European elections:

17 million mobile EU citizens deserve a political voice

The Guardian, London

Those of us who reside in another member state live more ‘European’ lives than anyone. Yet we feel disenfranchised.

Populists and the European elections:

Looking at Europe’s anti-establishment parties

Der Spiegel, Hamburg

In the run-up to the European elections, populists are gaining ground in many countries. But their slogans are not winning through everywhere. Where are they successful, and what makes them dangerous?

EU R&D and armed drones:

The hidden path leading Europe towards unmanned warfare

In association with the European Data Journalism Network

The EU's reliance on the private sector to steer the development of defence technology is rooted in almost 15 years of drone research conducted as part of its leading R&D programmes.

Freedom of the press:

European reporters more and more obstructed in their work

In association with the European Data Journalism Network

Reporters Without Borders’ 2019 Index shows that journalists’ working conditions in Europe are declining year after year, and that the death of four reporters in two and a half years should sound as a warning signal for those who care about democracy and freedom of the press.

Jürgen Habermas:

‘Domestic politicians mishandled right-wing populism from the start’

Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik, Berlin

For the German and pro-European philosopher European democratic parties should stop pussyfooting around with right-wing populists and stand instead for the values they should be representing.

European elections 2019:

Bounty hunter

Kleine Zeitung, Graz



GEN Summit 2019

This year again VoxEurop is a partner of the Global Editors Network Summit, which will bring to stage a host of diverse speakers, who are at the forefront of journalism, media, & technology. This edition will focus on the VVV challenge the media sector will have to overcome: Voice, Visual Journalism and Verification.

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